Part of the Story

“See, God, I have come to do your will, O God.” (Hebrews 10:7)

So we have come nearly to the end – Advent is about to give way to Christmastide in just under a week. (Quick reminder here that the twelve days of Christmas do not actually begin until Christmas Day, so please keep the partridges and pear trees under wraps).

The final Sunday in Advent could easily be nicknamed “Magnificat” Sunday because every year we have the opportunity to reflect upon Mary’s beautiful song celebrating her coming child. Her song offers us the chance to do two things: to appreciate her role in God’s unfolding salvation story and to ponder our own.

It is true that Christ came to live as God with us – to do God’s will and show us how we should, too. Mary is perhaps the best first follower of Jesus, for she willingly gives of her body to bring this miracle into the world. Her agency is key and yet she knows, from the very beginning, that she is but one thread in a much bigger garment of destiny. She sees the bigger picture and knows that while God will always seek our willing participation, the broader tale of redemption encompasses so much more than any one of us.

So let us take a lesson from our unlikely heroine: keep your eyes open to how God may be calling you to participate in the the coming kingdom, and keep your heart open to the much bigger tapestry of which you are a part.

Blessings,    Janie



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