When Shadows Fall…

After he had said this, he went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem… (Luke 19:28)

The time has come. Holy Week is upon us. We have journeyed through the wilderness these recent weeks and considered what it means to follow Jesus. But now comes the real question: will we still follow Jesus when the shadows begin to fall?

On Sunday, we will enter into this important week in the church calendar by joining the crowds shouting “Hosanna!” and “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”

We are invited to enter into the story. To place ourselves in the narrative. Walking through the triumphal gates of Jerusalem. Following Christ in his final earthly days. Gathering around the table. Going out to pray in the garden. And then…

The same crowds that raised their voices in praise will be screaming “Crucify him!” at the top of their lungs.

One of his closest friends will betray him.

Almost every disciple will abandon him.

And he will go to Golgotha.

Will we walk with him? Carry his cross like Simon of Cyrene? Stay with him when the sky turns to darkness, the earth quakes, and all seems lost? Will we gently carry his body and offer up our own tomb?

We know the story. Know it very well. But, every year we tell it again – because we need to remember it. To have it written on our very hearts: how great is the love of God for us that Christ would willingly stretch out his arms…

For you.

For me.

For the whole world.

I invite you to come to church this next week and embrace the opportunity to remember the story. To write yourself into the narrative. To follow in Christ’s footsteps. To stay and watch, even if only at a distance. And then to see the wonder of what comes next.

Blessings,      Janie

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